Thursday, October 2, 2014

Alex Veaone’s KZ400


  It’s a basic rule that applies in nearly every situation in life, yet so many either forget or get caught up in the details… Keep It Simple (Stupid!).  Alex Veaone kept things simple, and the result is stunning in it’s execution.  No, this is not the next big thing in the custom motorcycle cosmos, and that’s even more of a reason to like it.  Good taste and honesty are timeless, and this bike will still look good twenty years from now.  Everything has been slimmed down to only the bare essentials, no instrumentation or front turn signals, and the brake light and rear signals are so well integrated that you can barely notice them when they’re not lit.  Top it all off with a superb paint job, and I’m impressed.  I’d take this any day over something from, say, El Solitario!






Source: The Bike Shed


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