Monday, April 22, 2013

Ton-up Garage Dark Law

  Pedro Oliveira from Ton-up Garage recently contacted us here at the Garage to let us know about their builds.  You’ve probably seen their bikes on BikeExif or Return of the Cafe Racers, so why feature them here?  Well, believe it or not, not everyone reads those sites on a regular basis, so for some people this might be the first time seeing these builds.  That’s reason enough for me, so for this week it’s going to be Ton-up Garage Week here on the Garage, and we start with my favorite build of theirs, Dark Law…
  If you go back through our archives, you will see that we have a weakness for BMW airheads. It’s an affliction that has no cure, and this build only exacerbates the problem!   Built off an old police bike, it’s an arresting visual delight.  Yellow headlight, nicely muted frame and tank, black valve covers, black wrapped exhaust headers,brown handgrips, and a leather seat that’s to die for.  It all adds up to a bike any owner would be proud of!
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