Saturday, January 11, 2014

Benelli Sei Cafe Racers


  The late 1960’s to early 1970’s were a time of much change in the international motorcycle market.  Benelli had been purchased by Alejandro De Tomaso (of De Tomaso Pantera fame) in 1971, and the 750 Sei was the result of his influence.  The Sei was made to blunt the onslaught from the Japanase big four.  Rumors persist that the engine was modeled directly off Honda’s CB500, with two extra cylinders.  Whatever the truth, it was not enough to stem the tide, and only 3,200 were sold from 1974 to 1977.  Even an upgrade to a 900cc engine only resulted in less than 2,000 additional sales.  The Sei never amounted to a serious challenge to the Japanese, but did get the honor of the first production six-cylinder motorcycle.

  These cafe racers are based off 1975 Sei’s, and hand-made in Spain, with magnesium front and rear drum brakes, Ceriani forks, digital ignition, and road legal versions come with a digital speedo, a headlight and all the blinkers.  All that work doesn’t come cheap, the track spec version costs $21,500 USD and the road legal version costs $23,500 USD (not including delivery).  They’re pretty, but not that pretty, in my opinion. 






Source: Cafe Racer


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