Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Raccia 1971 Honda CB350

  There is an aesthetic beyond minimalism, one that stretches into the realm of delicate and fragile, and this CB350 from Raccia Motorcycles is a proud demonstrator of that.  The frame, fork tubes, exhaust, wheels/tires, and tail/seat look too light to support the engine, tank, and rider.  It creates a tension, almost an anticipation of something that could break at any moment.  It’s hard to pull off this well, and Michael LaFountain from Raccia is to be commended.  This bike is an inspiration, and shows how an artistic touch can be added to any motorcycle build!
bandaraphotography.com-LaFountain March 2010-9
bandaraphotography.com-LaFountain March 2010-7
bandaraphotography.com-LaFountain March 2010-15
mike's bike 3
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Source: Salt City Cycles


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