Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cafe Aluminum


  Honda’s CB750 from the nineties was a nice attempt at  a return of the UJM (Universal Japanese Motorcycle) concept, but the execution was pigeonholed by a slavish devotion to cost cutting.  The resulting motorcycle was a rare beast indeed, a bike with no soul.  The price was great, the cycle was comfortable, and sales never really materialized. 

  This is a 1996 example, and the builder from Poland has created something that has enough soul to lead a parade at Mardi Gras!  This beauty nailed the sleek, low-slung style to the tee, and then having the body parts aluminum just puts it over the top.  The tank and tail section are just the right size to make the engine look larger than it actually is, without it appearing too oversized.  Add in the open section behind the engine, and this motorcycle looks ready to pounce upon it’s prey like an aluminum tiger hiding in the tall grass.

  Even the turn signals are integrated into the design so well, you almost can’t see them.  Look closely by the headlight and rear shocks, they’re there!  Even the headlight bulb received attention, being a yellow tint to add just another touch of style.  While I can’t read the Polish in the build thread to get all the details on this build, in this case a picture truly is worth a thousand words, and quality always speaks for itself.






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Source: Cafe Racer Poland


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