Thursday, October 31, 2013

Travis Child’s XS650


  Now this bike is what I look for in a build!  The proportions are spot-on, the color scheme is absolutely perfect, and the level of fit and finish is top notch.  There is a balance to the look, and I love little details like the black wheel rims with chrome spokes that make the tires look even fatter, the seat that is just thick enough to look comfortable but not too puffy, and the simple exhaust pipes and mufflers that blend in with the bike instead of clashing. 

  Built by Travis Child in Utah, here’s his own words on the design and build process.

  I've raced superbikes for many years and have always rode MX as well. I have ridden on the public roads the least of all. However, last year one of my racer friends rebuilt a Honda CB450. I loved the way it turned out and had to do it myself. I looked and looked and finally came across a '75 Yamaha XS650. She was run down and looking neglected. I had her transported from Idaho to Utah in September of 2012 and started on the tear down right away. Utah winters provide a perfect time to do builds. This was my first build and even though I was a pretty good with a wrench, I had to learn a lot.

  The frame, rims, hubs, triples and swing arm were all powdered gloss black. I painted the engine with POR 15 and added all new bolts. I designed the tank and headlight bucket pattern then had them painted. I updated the electronics throughout and built my own wiring harness (the most difficult part). I put on new tires, rebuilt the carbs and added all new bearings. I also made the seat pan which I had covered by a hot rod guy. 1000 hours and 8 months later, here’s what I have.

  I would say that was eight months well spent, and Travis has a bike to be proud of.  Another great build!




Source: Return Of The Cafe Racers


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