Wednesday, November 20, 2013

CBX Cafe


  Honda’s CBX is one of those strange bikes, built more as a showcase for what Honda could actually do instead of filling a definite riding purpose.  An inline-6 engine is inherently smooth, as my 1985 Toyota Celica Supra amply demonstrated to me when I owned her, but very long, or in the case of the CBX, very wide.  The CBX was a few decades ahead of it’s time, and never really caught a foothold in the marketplace. 

  Fast forward to now, and the CBX makes a lot more sense as a custom cafe racer build, as in the case of this bike.  I wish I had more info to share with you, but the pictures alone are interesting in their own right.  For a motorcycle with such a forward bias to the look, I think it came out rather well.  The large headlight goes well with the engine, and the extra long tank helps maintain a flow and balance to the design.  She looks like fun!



Source: +MotoDeal


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