Monday, December 2, 2013

Clutch Custom Motorcycles #3


  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here at the garage.  November 8th I left my job, was unemployed until the 18th when I started a new job, and then the Thanksgiving holiday hit, and we’ve been entertaining the in-laws for a week.  I’m still adjusting to my new work schedule (second shift), but things are finally normalizing again!  This build from Clutch Custom Motorcycles in Paris, France is a perfect build to get back into gear again.

  Clutch is the effort of an American, Willie Knoll, and he takes the time to get each build done correctly.  Custom is the name of the game, just look at the specs…

XS 650 #3

Based on a  76 Yamaha XS 650 1H1

Custom frame lowered back end -5cm,

fork dropped -6cm machined and rethreaded.

Complete raw frame rebuild, shock mounts, custom mud guards, custom gas tank,gas cap and gas cap mount, instrument holder

Custom stainless exhaust

Relocated ignition key, simplified electrics

Relocated Shorai battery in custom battery box

Avon MK2 tires 19/350 Front, 18/400 Rear

Bates style rear and head light

Re-laced original wheels with black spokes and

  stainless nipples

One-off custom seat, custom foot rests, custom top trees, and so on...

Too many garage made bits and pieces to name them all.

Besides the engine and wheels, there’s not much else that is stock.  The attention to detail is exquisite, and you could spend an hour taking in all the details!







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Source: Ottonero


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