Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 5 Builds Of 2013 On Goodhal Garage

These are the top five builds based on pageviews in 2013.

#5 – Yamaha XS400 by Herencia Custom Garage


  Posted back in January, this build has been popular all year long, enough to get the #5 spot.  It’s a nice little bratstyle build!

#4 – Road Race by Bernard Alain


Posted in April, this build came on strong late in the year.  It’s a nice modern interpretation of a cafe racer, blending old-school and new-school in an attractive package!

#3 – Motor Rock CB250RS


It’s got got the cafe racer look, with ratbike elements to boot.  Motor Rock’s little CB250RS shows that little bikes can have big character!

#2 – Lucky 13 by Joe Archambault


Coming in second place is Lucky 13, a wonderful Honda CB450 that is both slick and understated, just my kind of style!

#1 – The Nugget


Wow, the top three bikes are all Honda, and the Nugget makes it two CB250RS’s in the list!  This is a really nice build, and epitomizes just what it is that I find so attractive in many builds – understatement and craftsmanship!

  That’s it for this year.  I can’t wait to find out what next year brings!


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