Thursday, January 16, 2014

7Seven Customs Monster Tracker

7seven kawasaki-8

  You will, or probably have, seen this bike plastered all over the moto-blogosphere.  So, why would I bother to post it too?  For one, Andraž sent the information to me, and I’ve been featuring his builds since this blog started.  I’m all about supporting the builders, they’re the ones that make this so interesting and do all the heavy lifting.  For two, the bike is kick-ass cool!  Look at this thing, from all reasonable perspectives, it’s just a mess.  But, when viewed from your inner hooligan’s point of view, she’s a thing of beauty, a Mona Lisa in steel and aluminum, and she does a hell of a lot more than just hang on some wall!

  Monster Tracker, as she’s called, is one of those rare builds that’s meant to be ridden, HARD.  Kick up some mud, scare a few tree-huggers, and if anyone doesn’t like it, well, BRRAAAAPPPPP!  There’s a lot of custom work done, here’s the list from Andraž.

  • 19' front wheel in Kawasaki green

  • 17' rear wheel in black

  • Kawasaki green handlebar

  • Rebuilt front forks with progressive springs

  • Rebuilt rear suspension
  • Honda headlight with small LED foglight
  • Small rear light with micro indicators

  • Laverda gas tank with custom paint job

  • Custom seat

  • Custom rear end in Kawasaki green

  • ChangSlang air pod filter

  • Rejetted carburetor

  • New cam chain tensioner & doohicky (Doohicky?! Holy sh*t, that just made my day!) - ed

  • Custom exhaust

  • Wrapped pipe

  • Custom skid plate

  • Custom ALU safety net for radiator along with radiator mod

  • Custom Monster energy Moto GP titanium cooling water tank

  • Custom number plate

  • Custom battery box & license plate holder

  • New electricity

  • New front & rear fenders

  • Tires, back: Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara, front: Metzeler Karoo 3

  The custom bike scene sometimes get’s a little staid, and we need something like Monster tracker to cleaf out the cobwebs with a hot blast of exhaust fumes.  Great job Andraž, can’t wait to see what comes from the mad men of Slovenia come up with next!

Photos from Klemen Korenjak.

7seven kawasaki-1

7seven kawasaki-2

7seven kawasaki-21

7seven kawasaki-4

7seven kawasaki-26

7seven kawasaki-13

7seven kawasaki-22

7seven kawasaki-6

7seven kawasaki-14

7seven kawasaki-24

7seven kawasaki-30

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James S. said...

So how do I buy it?

Greg Halmayr said...

Get in touch with 7Seven customs!

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