Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Black Heart By KG Cycles

ken 22

  We’ve all probably seen bikes that use carbon fiber before, but this build is something just a little bit different.  Created by Ken Glenn of KG Cycles, this 1974 Honda CB750 uses bodywork made from a Carbon Fiber Dyed-Red Kevlar Hybrid material.  That’s the long way to say red carbon fiber, but that’s still not enough.  The weave is red fiber one direction, and black fiber the other, giving a herringbone effect.  It’s really unique, and even Willie G. Davidson, who saw the bike at a Harley show of all things, thought it was quite striking and nice!  The engine is coated in black urethane, giving rise to the name Black Heart, and breathes through nicely done velocity stacks, while all electronics have been cleaned up and placed in out-of-view locations.  While I find the front fender too big, and the rear fender a little strange, the overall impression is still awesome!

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KG Cycles


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