Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Down And Out Cafe Racers TR1

Down n Out-6

  Looking at this bike, and if you’ve been following the custom cafe racer scene for a while, you’re probably thinking this is just a cheap knock-off of Doc’s Chops Yamaha Virago cafe racer.  I did too at first.  Same tank, nearly identical seat, and hell, even the same tires. It’s when you look at the details that it goes from a copy to something that stands on it’s own two wheels. 

   That wonderful headlight shell is done in stainless steel, and gives a very industrial feel.  Partner that with the flat grey tank and gorgeous custom exhaust, and you have a bike that wants to be ridden hard.  It’s not the polished glamour look that the Doc’s Cops build has, this is more elemental and in your face.  There’s a badboy attitude, an unspoken challenge to any who want to go for a ride.  This motorcycle has character!








Source: Piston Brew

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