Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Luke’s Inazuma GSX750


  Is it necessary to totally tear your bike apart and have everything custom to have a kick ass build?  This 2002 Suzuki Inazuma GSX750 by Luke from Inazuma CafeRacer begs to differ.  Upgraded suspension, custom fenders and seat, and a really nice paint job and exhaust work is about all that has been done, but the result is outstanding.  I find this just as desirable as a full-on custom like Classified Moto or Wrenchmonkkes.  She looks so much better than a stock version, and you can see the passion Luke has for his baby!  This sport/lifestyle/whathaveyou is all about passion, don’t let a budget get in the way.  Go out and see what you can do to your baby!




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