Monday, March 17, 2014

Big Moon Stallion


   Style is a very personal thing.  That which you find attractive may repulse others, and so it goes with motorcycles.  We’ve got bobbers, choppers, cafe racers, sportbikes, tourers, and on and on.  So many niches, each with it’s own distinct personality.  This Kawasaki 250TR from Big Moon straddles the line between bobber and chopper, and contains all the elements of those style that annoy me, such as…

    Really high handlebars?  Check.

    Large gap between tank and engine?  Check.

    Gas tank that’s too small?  Check.

    Large empty space between the engine and steering head?  Check.

  All those negatives, in my opinion, yet here it is, featured on the blog.  What the hell is up with that, you ask?  I wish I had the answer, but I don’t.  If I had to wager a guess, I think the motor is the factor that makes it appealing.  Bikes like this are usually endowed with some Milwaukee V-Twin power, but this one uses a measly 250 single.  Proportionally, it seems to work better, for me at least.  All the factors I listed above are actually in balance on this build, and make for something I can sink my teeth into.  She could take up residence in my garage any time!

    ….but those handlebars would have to go.






Big Moon


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