Saturday, March 1, 2014

Frigid Honda

Honda 900BD-CR RESZ

  Creating a great build is a delicate balance of choosing the right parts, paint, and style.  This Honda cafe racer, while having some intriguing elements, is way out of balance.  With a bike as styled as the Honda CB900F is, if you’re going to keep the tank and sidecovers, then you need to match the overall flow of those pieces with the tail section.  This tail doesn’t belong, and looks out of place.  Even the angle it’s mounted at is wrong, and the license plate holder is too bulky.  The polished aluminum and gold Comstar wheels don’t match the rest of the bike.  While the seat looks plenty thick to be comfortable, it looks like an afterthought. 

  On a positive note, the red stripe down the tank and front fender look nice, and the single gauge and clip-ons look terrific.  There was a lot of potential here, but no defining theme or vision.  There’s just a bunch of elements that don’t mesh well, and that’s too bad, as I’ve seen some really nice CB900F’s that take advantage of the unique tank style.

Honda 900BD-CR 3 RESZ

Honda 900BD-CR 2RESZ

Source: Ottonero


Jay333 said...

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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