Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Analog Motorcycles XS400 The Messenger


  This 1981 Yamaha XS400 was built by Analog Motorcycles for a female client, which for some strange reason everyone makes sure to mention, like it makes any f***ing difference.  Yes guys, chicks don’t just ride bitch, and many I’ve known outride most males!  I guess people feel like they have to have some kind of back story on a build, but I fail to see the relevancy most times.

  Here’s a list of the custom touches on the bike…

  • Modified sub-frame
  • Custom made seat pan with integrated taillight
  • Custom made side pouches
  • Custom upholstery by Rod’s Designs
  • Gazi Sport Lite rear shocks
  • Firestone tires
  • Bobbed front fender
  • Stock headers wrapped with stainless Steal DCC mufflers
  • Hand formed tank indents by Craig of Rodsmith
  • Custom aluminum rims with brass powder coated spokes
  • Paint by Kiel at Crown Auto Body (design and layout by Analog Motorcycles)
  • Pinstripe by Brando
  • Engine re-built and polished
  • After market lights and turn signals
  • After market gauges
  • After market mirrors
  • Lots of powder coating
  • Drag bars

  Let’s start with the seat, which for once actually looks useful for a full day’s worth of riding!  I think it would have looked better with a solid tail section instead of upholstered, and the seat doesn’t follow the base of the gas tank, so it looks like there’s a kink in middle of the bike.  The tail light is a nice touch, but again would have looked better as part of a metal or fiberglass section.

  The side pouches are probably the best element on the bike, and are so well integrated into the design.  I think a black material would have worked better; the brown melds into the seat and interrupts the flow of your eye over the machine.

  I love the paint job and wheels, very nicely done and classy, giving the motorcycle a very vintage feel. Add the very clean appearance and attention to details, and you have a machine that speaks to the quality of the work. 

  That brings us to the one factor that just irks the hell out of me: the turn signals.  For one, the bar-mounted units are bi-directional, working as both forward and rear signals.  Why the f*** are there also rear turn signals?!  Hello department of redundancy department.  Those bar-mounted signals also don’t work well with the bike, and usually only look good on BMWs and Moto Guzzis for some reason.

  Love the wrap on the handlebars, though!









Analog Motorcycles


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