Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Baseball And Motorcycles


  While the advent of the internet is continuously making the world a smaller place, there remains cultural differences around the world, and sometimes you see them reflected in custom builds, such as this Kawasaki 250TR from Heiwa Motorcycles in Japan.  To use a sports analogy, America is the land of home runs, while Japan hits base runs all day long.  The legend of Babe Ruth and his called shot during the World Series, where with two strikes the Babe points to the outfield, signaling that the he’s going to homer the next pitch right there, and then does it, is typical American heroism. 

  The Japanese, on the other side of the coin, relentlessly put up base hits, a methodical approach that just doesn’t excite Americans very much.  This build from Heiwa is much the same, being not very different from al their other offerings, and yet I find it irresistible!  Everything is in fine balance, and the elements add up to a cohesive whole with impeccable taste.

  The engine and frame are blacked-out, yet the wheels are left chromed, and then the tank goes from black to a rich shade of brown, very subtle yet striking.  The bike looks and feels much more expensive than it is, and the level of quality and detail is wonderful, especially for a small bike.  Rarely would such a motorcycle get this treatment in America.

  Maybe base hits aren’t that bad after all…









Heiwa Motorcycles

Source: Monkey King


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