Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ton-Up Garage ‘Pure’

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  While I still think Ton-Up Garage should pick a different name for their shop (They never build cafe racers, even though ton-up is a very cafe racer term!), there is no arguing they create some beautiful machines.  Their latest, dubbed ‘Pure’, is based on a BMW R45 and is done in a scrambler style, just without the annoyingly high exhaust pipe.  She only sports 35hp, so she’s not exactly a beast, but she’s suited to her intended role as a city bike.  In fact, she’s kinda like a modern SUV, all the looks of an off-road machine, but never actually meant to go in the dirt.

  For once, it’s nice to see a motorcycle with a proper front fender!  There’s a fender in the rear, too, though it doesn’t extend to cover the rear of the engine.  The exhaust canister is probably the only weak point in the styling, looking a little awkward and oversized, especially since the white color highlights it so much.

  It’s the little details that make the build, and ‘Pure’ has many.  The painted valve covers, the screen on the headlight, and the luscious paint job.  My favorite is the customized BMW logo on the tank, absolutely brilliant!  This machine was created without being commissioned by a customer, so it really is a ‘Pure’ reflection of what Ton-Up Garage is all about.

Photographs by Manuel Portugal

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