Monday, July 28, 2014

VDBMoto T-1


  Being blue-collar means more than just the amount on your paycheck.  It’s about viewing with an eye towards durability, function, and inherent beauty.  Art that is beautiful is nice, but art that is also functional is even better.  The ‘newness’ of something is not really on our radar, but it’s quality and utility are.  Derick Van den Bussche (hence VDBMoto) created this nice Triumph scrambler, and I believe it fits the blue-collar ethos perfectly, being both beautiful and purposeful.

  See that thing sitting on the side of the pipes.  That’s called a guard, and it’s meant to prevent you scorching your leg on the exhaust pipes.  Take note builders, if you’re going to make a scrambler, this is NOT optional.   Having proper fenders is nice, too, and about the only aspect that is a slave to fashion is the headlight, with the yellow tint (which always looks good IMHO) and the tape (not loved by me).  The seat looks useful, comfortable, and has enough room to mount a tailbag behind you. 

  What sets this bike apart from a lot out there is the functionality.  She’s meant to be ridden, day in and day out, not just to the latest custom motorcycle show!  








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