Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Machine 6 By Kaffee Maschine


  There’s an allure to European motorcycles that I find irresistible.  There’s an old-world charm that Japanese machines lack, though that’s starting to change lately.  BMW, Ducati, and Aprilia are cutting edge, and in my opinion have lost some of the essence that makes for a bike with personality.  Fortunately, Italy’s answer to Harley-Davidson, Moto Guzzi, is still keeping the flame burning.  Yes, they have thoroughly modern bikes, but there’s still that spark of tradition that goes beyond engine configuration or valve train mechanisms. 

   Moto Guzzis are perfect platforms for cafe conversion, and this one from Germany’s Kaffe Maschine is a wonderful example of the type.  While she’s been optimized for the track, with nary a nod to street use, she’s a perfect demonstrator of what can be done.  Clean lines, a balanced look, and  a color scheme that works to enhance the sense of forward motion all combine to make this one of the better Moto Guzzi customs out there.  She’s a peach!





Kaffee Maschine

Source: Wind-Blown


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