Sunday, October 26, 2014

BMW K100LT ‘Old Brick’


  I probably have an unhealthy attraction to ratbikes!  It’s a genetic defect, I believe, and draws me to these abominations like a moth to an industrial sized bug zapper.  I would take this beast to a concours d’elegance just to ruffle some feathers!  Yeah, the lack of a muffler would get old, quick, (Now for the exhausts... Don't worry there are not "ear bleeding" but if you like the sound of a  WWII Messerschmitt then the bikes for you!  They have been made to a high standard with baffling deep in the tubes. Yes they do spit some flames at night but it will clear your leg. Great winter warmer...  Is how the builder summed them up!) but otherwise I’d park her in my stable!

  How could you not love this thing, especially when the Ebay seller promotes her like this…Treat yourself, treat your wife, treat someone else's wife. Either way, this slice of fried gold could be on your driveway.







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