Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cafe Racer Dreams #1


  While some have quantified the elements of a successful cafe racer design, there is so much wiggle room that the endeavor is doomed to failure.  If you’ve read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, you’ll understand how quality is hard to define, yet everyone knows it when they see it.  This Honda CB900 is Cafe Racer Dreams’ first build, and while it has some flaws, the quality they put into every build is as plain as day.  Everyone starts somewhere, and you have to crawl before you can walk or run.

  The main problem is the tail, or really a lack of one.  It just looks like the bike was never finished.  Besides that, it’s a sight to behold, and uses the strange shapes that Honda put into the tank and side panels to great effect.   I love the look of the seat, as it reminds me more of a factory item than some cobbled together foam and vinyl.  For their first time, you really can’t ask for more.








Cafe Racer Dreams


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