Friday, October 10, 2014

Marco’s CB500


  Often you have to take the bad with the good, and this build squarely falls into that conundrum.  The tail section is too small to match the seat and tank, while the frame underneath looks unfinished.  Those checkerboard graphics are plain awful, and a cafe cliché, while the “C@FE” on the tank looks cheap, to be nice about it. 

  Then there’s the good, such as the voluptuous curves of the tank, the monochromatic color scheme that’s menacing yet approachable, the wonderful flat black of the exhaust, and an overall stance to the bike that begs you to ride, NOW.  I can’t help but like this bike, even though there would be some things that would have to change if she was mine.  But, isn’t that always the case?





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