Monday, November 17, 2014

1978 BMW R100 Odyssey


  The ancients believed in the power of names.  To know something’s true name was to hold power over it, and you can see this reflected today when a parent calls their misbehaving child by their full name.  Builds deserve a name, but sadly this one never received one.  I’ve chosen to call here ‘Odyssey’, something I feel is appropriate to her personality and features.  While many customs are focused solely on a look or feel, this bike has not forgotten that utility is just as important.  Notice the full fenders, nicely blacked out but still fully functional.  The seat is more than a styling element, it’s actually useful and has enough room for you to move around a little on extended trips.  This is a bike you could take an odyssey on, hence the name.  More builders need to understand that their creations need to be ride-able, not just viewable!

$_57 (3)

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