Sunday, January 4, 2015

FOH Cafe


  Streetfighters and Cafe Racers are, at their core, very closely related.  This build from FOH Cycle Fabrication is called ‘Cafe’, and it’s an interesting blend of both styles.  The engin is a Suzuki TL1000, while the frame is from a Ducati, the front end from a Kawasaki, and a rear swingarm from a Triumph!

2002 TL 1000R Motor
Custom Built Trellis Frame (23-Rake, 93-Trail)
Triumph 1050 Single Sided Swingarm
955 Rear Rim Widened and Heightened from 17 x 6″ to 18 x 8.5″
ZX14 Front Forks with GSXR 1000 Valving and Springs
ZX636 Front Wheel
ZX14 Front Rotors
R6 Rear Shock with 900RR Spring
R6 Radiator
Aluminum Fuel Cell
Custom Body Work – Wet Layout Carbon Fiber
Custom Seat and covering
One Off Top Triple Clamp (ZX14 bottom/stem)
Triumph Headlight with Harley Davidson Trim
Ducati 996 Velocity Stacks and PC3 with Custom Mapping
Custom Exhaust and with Matching Tail Light
Billet Aluminum Grips, Bar ends, Gas Cap, Brake / Clutch Reservoirs, etc
Paint and Fiber work all layed by Roman at FOH Cycle Fab

  While it all fits together, there is too much streetfighter in the details for my tastes.  Painting the engine the same color as the frame takes away some of the visual impact of the trellis frame.  The pin striping seems out of place on top of the tank and fenders, more of a busy detail than something that adds to the build.  Finally, the bars are way too long for the levers, and distract from the simplicity of the cockpit.  Other than that, it’s a very cohesive build, with a great flow and feel to the design!






Source: Custom Fighters

FOH Cycle Fabrication


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