Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kawasaki W800 By Philippe Starck


  Here’s something haven’t seen before, a renowned designer and architect tackles a custom motorcycle.  The results are, well, somewhat lacking in my opinion.  Of course, others think it’s the bee’s knees, such as Luxatic….

Given Philippe Starck’s experience in unique designing, it is no wonder that any object that gets out of his hands is a stand-alone wonder. So is this Kawasaki W800 Dirt Bike that got itself a crazy look, emanating a jazzy aura, painted in beautiful combinations of silver, yellow and white tones. If you’re the type of lad that enjoys getting dirty, this one will be of interest to you.

The engine, the front-end, the transmission and handle-bars are beautifully grey-coated, while the tires, wheels and seat are contrasting with them, being painted in black. There’s also a white box noticeable on the sides that assorts with the coloration of the tank.

The yellow and white tones blend in beautifully, in addition to the silver cross painted over, giving the bike an extreme, sporty shine. Philippe Starck adopted a close-to-minimalistic style when painting this vehicle, using calm but weird combinations of colors, for example the matt-silver rearview mirrors and handle-bars.

He even declared that they chose this way of designing based on the idea that less is better, and that a bike needs only few things to run: “an engine, a reservoir, two wheels”. One thing is for sure: taking in consideration the purpose of the bike, luxury isn’t an appropriate way to do it. The same idea goes for its possible owners.

  For a professional, there’s hardly anything special here.  The seat is fairly standard, the headlight area is rather uninspiring, and that silver “X” on the tank looks like an afterthought.  It’s an OK build, but hardly what I would call a stand-out winner.





Source: Cafe Racer 76


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