Saturday, January 3, 2015

The DR650…Something!


  Sometimes your creative muse can seem like she’s on crack, taking you in directions you'd never expect.  It usually ends up a disaster, but every now and then something special results.  This Suzuki DR650 is not beautiful, but there’s a certain magic to the overall build.  She’s like Frankenstein’s bride, a bit of a monster but also with an undeniable charm. And, she look fun as hell to ride!  here’s the specs from the forum post on ChopCult…  

'99 Suzuki DR650 engine, wheels, forks, brakes.
Replica SonicWeld rigid flattrack frame. Came with footpegs, which I had to heavily modify to be symmetrical L/R.
Moped seat.
BSA Victor (?) tank.
1.9" coilover shock with 75# spring for seat suspension (4-wheeled project leftover).
TM40 pumper carb.
Flat tapered bar for freestyle snowmobiling.
Aftermarket billet top triple clamp with a bunch of brackets sawed off.
Vintage NOS J&R silencer.
Stock steering damper from GSXR600. (I was told this is going to be a wheely monster, so I thought a damper was prudent.)
2.50-21 cheap Chinese trailbike tire
Stock DR650 rear tire.
DR650 oil cooler (a bit ugly and a PITA).




ChopCult Forum Post


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