Thursday, January 1, 2015

Untitled Motorcycles UMC-002 Scrambler


  Maybe it was my upbringing that’s responsible for my attraction to simple and pure motorcycles.  Being blue-collar in a white-collar town in the 80’s meant I saw plenty of yuppies aping the latest fashion trends, while my parents worked their butts off to provide clothes on our backs, a roof over our heads, and food on the table.  What mattered actually mattered, and trends and fads had no business in our lives.  I find that background has molded my perceptions, and bikes like this BMW from Untitled Motorcycles are what intrigue me.

  It’s a simple and honest cycle, one that desires only the open road and a rider willing to take her there.  Keep your fashion and ‘individuality’ to yourself, I don’t want a bike that’s ‘new’, or ‘fresh’, I want a real bike!

Specs from the Untitled Motorcycles website

ENGINE: Scrambler UMC-002 BMW 800cc Engine overhauled – new big end shells – new timing chains and tensioners – new piston rings – bores honed – valves checked and ground – stainless pushrod tubes – new clutch friction plates – carbs overhauled and new diaphragms fitted.

FRAME: BMW R80/7 Scrambler subframe customized and made into a 3/4 seat. The frame had all brackets that were not needed removed. Also an under frame battery box was fitted. Bead blasted and powder coated satin black.

FRONT END: UMC-002 forks standard BMW internals with standard gaiters.

WHEELS – FRONT & REAR: 18 inch rim with hubs powder coated satin black. Heavy duty stainless steel spokes, stainless steel nipples.

TYRES: Dunlop K70 4.00 X 18

BRAKES – FRONT: UMC-002 single standard BMW. Under tank cable-operated reservoir.

BRAKES – REAR: Standard BMW hub breaks.

PAINT: UMC-002 has a bare metal tank and headlight sprayed with a clear lacquer.

CHROMING/PLATING: Dull chrome and zinc plating to most nuts and bolts.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Leather customized seat. New wiring loom. Classic British switch gear. Custom handle bars. UMC headlight customized to fit speedo, oil and neutral lamps. Side mounted ignition switch. UMC customized front and rear mudguards. New rear Miller stop lights with UMC bracket. Rear suspension adapted to have shrouds. Drilled holes in engine covers. UMC fabricated headers and exhausts.







Untitled Motorcycles


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