Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Yamaha XS400 Beloved


  As with any creative endeavor, one has to no when you’ve gone too far, and when you haven’t gone far enough.  This bike, while very pleasing in general, has both of the previously mentioned qualities.   The stock instrument cluster looks too clunky compared to the clean lines of the bike, and mars the flow from headlight to tail.  While it was a very practical choice, it doesn’t fit with the rest of the build.  In the going too far department is the orange on the tires and engine.  With the color choice being based directly on Harley’s classic orange, black, and white, the lack of a white element on the engine and tires makes it seem a forced element, and doesn’t integrate with the remaining bike.  White would of been a better choice, and nothing probably better than that.

  Otherwise, I like her a lot, and the paint fits the bike well. 

Yamaha XS400Cafe2





Source: Ebay


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