Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Yamaha XVS650 Drag Star


  In the neighborhood in which I grew up in, there was a canary-yellow 1970’s Corvette that resided a few houses down from mine.  She was kept safe in a garage until spring arrived, and then would be proudly driven until the first signs of winter.  That brilliant color is burned into my psyche as a harbinger of the joys of summer, and this Yamaha from Made Men Bikes in Denmark triggers the same feelings, and it’s the splashes of yellow that do it.unnamed (7)

  Made Men Bikes are a builder that believes the same way I do, that passion, not money, is what makes a custom bike something truly special.  Here’s how they describe themselves…

  Since we are not millionaires, we see a major challenge in turning old smashed donor bikes into high performance total renovated custom bikes. Which bike we build depends very much on what we can afford, but never compromise the quality of the finished result. We are of the opinion that anyone can build a super cool custom bike if the budget is big enough, but not everybody can turn scrap to sought after custom bikes with small means. We love to be able to prove that it does not require a professional shop with a shitload of expensive tools, but you can built a custom bike just as well if not better with a welding machine, grinder, good ideas and diligent hands. We build bikes with our heart and put all our passion in every bike we're doing.


  Based on a Yamaha XVS650 DragStar, This build just seems so, well, American.  Maybe it’s the drag-bike looks, the Harley-Davidson gas tank, or the fat rear tire, but this would not look out of place in the middle of Milwaukee.   


  My favorite detail is the handmade exhaust with brass tips peeking out of the fairing, though the fake oil tank to hide the electrics is a brilliant move.  While being a hardtail makes her more for show than go, what a looker!  I wouldn’t want her as my only ride, but there’s definitely a spot in the garage with her name on it.





Visit: Made Men Bikes


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